Habits of Work

 Beginning this school year, every student in grades 3 – 8 will find an additional section on our marking period report card called “Habits of Work.”  This section gives us a view of how the individual student works independently to function as a dedicated self-regulated learner.

Research shows that students who strengthen these skills are more successful, achieve to a higher degree, and become more productive overall.  These attributes are not only academic traits, but also have been proven to be habits in leading one to meet their individual potential.  The key to this path is to make progress early in life and to set individual goals to improve.

NJ Private School
  • Habits of Work (Lower School)

    Habits of Work (Lower School)

    Maintain or Improvement Steps

    Grades 3-4

    Listens Attentively
    • Look at whomever is speaking
    • Focus on what they are saying
    • If you have a question, raise a quiet hand
    Follow Written Directions
    • Read directions carefully 2-3 times
    • If you do not understand them, ask your teacher
    • Reread the directions for understanding
    Works Neatly and in an Organized Manner
    • Focus on what you are doing
    • Have only what you need at the time on your desk
    • Take your time
    • Use your neatest handwriting
    • Check your work
    Works Independently
    • Read directions carefully 2-3 times
    • Try to work out the problem on your own first
    • Look back at any resources you may have
    • Check your work
    Collaborates Effectively with peers
    • Listen carefully to classmates’ ideas
    • Share your ideas
    • Take turns
    • Work together to figure out the problem and complete your work
    Stays on Task
    • Focus on the task at hand
    • Have all materials ready to start
    • Read the directions
    • Think about what you need to do at the time
    • If you need a quiet space, ask your teacher if you can move to a quiet area
    Completes Class Assignments on Time
    • Focus on your assignment in front of you
    • Have all your materials ready
    • Get right to work
    • Read the directions
    • Ask for help if you need to
    • Check your work
    Participates Actively in Class Activities
    • Focus and listen to your teacher
    • Think about the topic
    • Raise a quiet hand to share your ideas or to ask or answer questions
    • Listen to and share your ideas with your classmates when working together
    Completes Homework on Time
    • Write all homework assignments in your planner
    • Check with your folder and backpack to make sure you have all your materials
    • At home, have your planner out and complete all work
    • Check off each assignment as you complete it
    • Place all materials in your backpack as soon as you are finished
    • Unpack your homework and hand it in as soon as you get into school
    Demonstrates Effort and Perseverance
    • Read and reread directions for understanding
    • Think about the task at hand
    • Try to work out problems
    • Ask for help when needed
    • Check your work
    • Never give up
  • Habits of Work (Upper School)

    Habits of Work (Upper School)

    Maintain or Improvement Steps

    Grades 5-8

    Prepared for class and assignments:
    • Check Sycamore and Google Classroom every day
    • Keep assignment journal up to date
    • Check classroom assignment board for info
    • Do not leave assignments to last minute
    • Check backpack to have assignments ready to hand in
    Use class time effectively:
    • Stay on task
    • Focus on details
    • Stay alert
    • Ask good questions
    • Do not be distracted
    • Use Chromebook properly
    • Positive participation
    • Ask for help
    Meets deadline with quality work:
    • Check work for quality daily
    • Check Sycamore and google Classroom
    • Use assignment book and personal a calendar
    • Revise, correct and review often
    • Never good enough
    Engages positively in class/communicates well:
    • Think before you act
    • Opinions have back up facts
    • Use complete thoughts
    • Listen attentively to others
    • Supports others opinion/no put downs
    • Have empathy
    Treats others with respect:
    • Know the school’s Code of Respects, Handbook statements, school expectations for behavior
    • Accept responsibility for actions
    • Use sincere apology
    • Break it, fix it
    Collaborates effectively:
    • Listen attentively
    • Share opinions
    • Work together towards a common solution
    • When giving feedback be kind, specific, helpful
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