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Oak Hill Academy prides itself on providing an unmatched educational experience for its students at one of the most reasonable levels of tuition for a private, independent school in New Jersey. Application and Entrance Test Fee – $80/student

Tuition for 2024-2025

Pre-Kindergarten  5 days/week:  $21,900
Grades K-8:   $23,950

School Fee*:

Pre-Kindergarten:  $ 2,900
Grades K-8:  $ 3,400                              

*School fee includes books, materials, activities, school trips, all after-school clubs, extra help, athletic participation, technology and security. Tuition and fees for the upcoming school year are determined in January.

Tuition Refund Plan – As a means to protect the school and parent’s mutual interests, Oak Hill Academy offers insurance through the Tuition Refund Plan. This program insures tuition and school fee (prepaid and due) in the event of separation according to the terms of the policy. Oak Hill Academy will enroll every student in the Tuition Refund Plan at no additional cost to the parents.

Oak Hill Academy partners with BLACKBAUD TUITION MANAGEMENT for the processing and collection of tuition and fees.  Oak Hill Families are given their choice of the following payment plans available through BLACKBAUD TUITION MANAGEMENT

At Registration – $2,000 Enrollment Deposit is due upon signing the Enrollment Contract. The enrollment deposit will show up as a payment on your Blackbaud Tuition Management account, as it is considered a tuition payment.

A. Ten Month Payment Plan

With this plan, parents pay the tuition and school fee in 10 monthly payments.  Payments are due the first of the month starting May 1, 2024 through February 1, 2025.  If enrolling after May 1st, payments will be spread over remaining months of the plan with the ending date still February 1, 2025. Blackbaud Tuition Management will charge a $56 administration fee per family.

B. Two Payments Plan

With this plan, parents pay the tuition and school fee in two payments, which are due by August 1, 2024 and December 1, 2024. Blackbaud Tuition Management will charge a $56 administration fee per family.

C. One Payment Plan

With this plan, parents pay the tuition and school fee for the year in one payment by May 1, 2024. The administration fee charged by Blackbaud Tuition Management will be waived in this case.

Parents are able to access and manage their BLACKBAUD TUITION MANAGEMENT accounts as well as make payments on-line at:

Blackbaud Tuition Management FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Oak Hill Tuition Assistance Program

Oak Hill Academy Tuition Assistance 2024-2025

Oak Hill Academy has established a tuition assistance program to assist families of qualified children meet the cost of an OHA education.  The school gives tuition assistance to help maintain a diverse socioeconomic and multicultural student population.  It also serves to help prevent the loss of current students because of rising tuition and/or families’ financial difficulties. Our goal is to enrich the learning and living environment for all our students.  Every student and his/her family bring a special set of gifts to contribute to the mosaic of the school community.

  • Programs
    Tuition assistance will be available to qualifying families, regardless of the number of children they have enrolled at OHA.  Application is made through Blackbaud Financial Aid Management.  Tuition assistance is limited and awards will be based on the total amount of tuition assistance available from OHA, as well as the number of qualified applicants. In addition, awards will be considered based on the date of application until the Tuition Assistance budget has been exhausted.  During the 2023-2024 school year, 21% of our students received some level of tuition assistance.  Oak Hill Academy is not able to offer full tuition assistance to any student at this time.
  • Procedure
    Overview:  Parents must fill out an application online and submit certain income and tax information.  This application asks several detailed questions about your family’s income and expenses.  Based on the financial information you provide, Blackbaud Financial Aid Management will provide the school with an estimated amount that your family can contribute to educational expenses.  This helps schools make fair and objective tuition assistance decisions. Parents are advised to follow deadline dates.
  • Application Procedure
    How to apply: Access Application at: Deadline Dates:
    • 12/1/23 – Projected date the Tuition Assistance application becomes available for the 2024-2025 school year.
    • Please Note:  If you are applying for Tuition Assistance before tuition is set for the 2024-2025 school year (usually in January), the tuition amount will show the 2023-2024 tuition amount. The tuition field that appears in Blackbaud Financial Aid Management is calculated by adding the tuition and school fee together.
    • 2/9/24 –  Current families must apply for Tuition Assistance and submit required documentation along with re-enrollment. Application and submission after 2/9/24 may put a family in jeopardy of excluding themselves from receiving tuition assistance for that year.
    • Families that are new to Oak Hill Academy that apply for admissions after 2/9/24 will be considered on a rolling basis and are encouraged to submit their Tuition Assistance application as soon as possible.

    • Blackbaud School ID#: 12915
    • Blackbaud Financial Aid Application Fee: $45  (Please note: If Applicant is a Business Owner the Application fee is $55)

    Required Supporting Documentation Applications submitted without documentation will not be processed.
    • Most recent paystubs
    • Most recent W-2 forms for all
    • 2022 filed federal tax returns: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all
    • 2022 filed business tax return: 1120, 1120S, 1065 (if applicable).
    • Supplemental income documentation: Social Security income, Welfare, Food Stamps, Child Support, 1099-M Forms, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, Veterans Benefits, Housing Allowance,
    • If you are unable to provide any of the aforementioned items, please submit a Special Circumstance Letter indicating which document(s) you are unable to provide and why. This information will be shared with the school for consideration.

    Creating Your Account Please visit and create your account by entering your primary email address as your username. Blackbaud Financial Aid will use this email address to contact you in the event that your application is “on hold” for missing documentation. Once you create your username and password, you will receive a verification email. Once you click the verification link to verify that you are the account holder, you will be able to log in using the username and password you created. Please be advised that if you do not click the verification link that is sent to your email address, you will not be able to log in or reset your password.
    Submitting Documentation Documentation should be submitted at the time the application is completed. Please be advised that each document must be uploaded separately under the appropriate document type in order for your application to automatically move into the review status.
    Application Rollover If you created a Blackbaud Financial Aid account to apply for financial aid in a prior year, your application will roll over into the next school year. Your login credentials will remain the same, as well as your application ID number (except for the first two digits as that indicates the school year). The Parent/Guardian and Dependents section of the application will auto-populate. You will only need to confirm the information before advancing to the next sections of the application. If any information from the Parent/Guardian and Dependent section needs to be updated, please make the necessary changes.
    Blackbaud Financial Aid Contact Information
    Notification of Tuition Assistance Once your application is processed, a financial aid recommendation will be generated for Oak Hill Academy. All final Tuition Assistance decisions, including notification of an award amount (if any) will be made by Oak Hill Academy. Awards are determined by a Tuition Assistance committee of OHA administrators.  If you have not received notification regarding Tuition Assistance, contact Gina Misson, the Business Manager at Oak Hill Academy.
    Please be sure to enter all fields with accuracy.
    1.  Section 1 – Household Information
    Parent/Guardian: Enter the parent or guardian’s contact information. Dependent: Enter all dependents that live in the household. For dependents in college, select the “attending another private school” status option.
    1. Section 2 – Selecting A School
    Enter your school’s five-digit code (12915) or name in the search box. If you want to search for schools near you that are participating in the Blackbaud Financial Aid program, you can search by city and state. Make your selection by checking the select check box. Once a school or multiple schools are selected, you will then need to select the student(s) you wish to apply for aid at the appropriate school(s). After the school(s) have been selected, you will then need to select the upcoming grade for the student, student code (if applicable), and expected tuition (if applicable) for the upcoming year. Clicking “next” after each section will allow you to move on to each subsequent section.
    1. Section 3 – Income & Expenses
    Enter any income the household receives, employment, business or supplemental. If the work status is selected as ‘employed’, ‘self-employed’, ‘unemployed, receiving benefits’, or ‘disabled, receiving benefits,’ you will be required to enter this income source in the appropriate section before moving through the application. Please enter all expenses as they pertain to your household.
    1. Section 4 – Assets & Debts
    Enter all assets and debts as they pertain to your household.
    1. Section 5 – Special Circumstances
    Check off any special circumstance that pertains to your household. If no option available best describes your household’s circumstance, please check ‘other’ and describe your situation. This information is confidential and will only be available to designated School Administration and Blackbaud Financial Aid staff.
    1. Section 6 – Submit
    If your school uses family school codes, please make the appropriate selection. Agree to Blackbaud Financial Aid’s terms and conditions, then click SUBMIT to complete your online application.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Q: Who should complete this aid application?

    A: Whomever the child resides with should complete this application whether it is a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or legal guardian. There is a section within the application where you can enter contributions from non-custodial parents and relatives.

    • Q: Why do I need to input my spouse’s information if I am remarried and they are not legally responsible for my children?

    A: Blackbaud Financial Aid’s calculation works off of the total household income, therefore including all income, whether the party is legally responsible for your children or not. Our system, however, does take into effect your spouse’s expenses as well as their income. It is important to list all expenses that are asked of within the application.

    • Q: I do not have the required tax documents. HELP!

    A: Include the most recent tax documentation you have available. If you are asked for a specific line from a tax document that you have not yet completed, please estimate the projected amount.

    • Q: How will I know if I qualify for aid or not?

    A: Blackbaud Financial Aid does not disclose information about the results of your application. All final tuition aid decisions, including notification of an award amount (if any); will be made by Oak Hill Academy. For the date award notices will be given, please contact Oak Hill Academy directly.

    • Q: What if I want to edit my application?

    A: Once an application has been submitted and paid for it can no longer be edited by a parent. However, if changes are necessary a written statement with the change (including the application ID), should be sent to

  • Additional Notes:
    • Each parent/family/household, regardless of custodial arrangement, must fill out a complete tuition assistance application for each household. All parents/guardians’ information and tax documents should be included.
    • Parents must re-apply for tuition assistance every year, due to possible change in a family’s financial circumstance and/or the amount of funds available from OHA.
    • Tuition Assistance and Admissions are two separate processes.  The tuition assistance decision is made after the student is accepted.
    • If there are extenuating circumstances affecting your family’s financial stability, parents are asked to document these factors and submit the documentation to OHA as part of your tuition assistance application.
    • All conversations, financial records, correspondence, and tuition assistance information will be kept in the strictest confidence. It is the school’s policy to keep all tuition assistance information confidential. The school requests that families receiving tuition assistance also keep this information confidential in order to protect individual privacy.
    • Tuition Assistance awards are based and contingent upon all children in the family enrolling in Oak Hill Academy that have applied for Tuition Assistance. If circumstance change and not all children in the family enroll in Oak Hill Academy, there will be a reconsideration of the award.


Please contact:
Gina Misson,  Business Manager
Oak Hill Academy, 347 Middletown-Lincroft Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738
732-530-1343 x209

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