The Wizard of OZ (2014 Oak Hill Academy School Play)

Mrs. Devivo, Drama Teacher at Oak Hill Academy, directed a fantastic performance of the 2014 School Play: “The Wizard of Oz”. Our play was an adaption of the 1939 Motion Picture staring Judy Garland.

Over the Rainbow – Megan Scafaria (8th Grade)

Just as the movie began in black & white; so did our performance. Dorothy (8th grader Megan Scafaria -Colts Neck) was wearing a sepia-toned plaid dress escorted by her best friend, Toto (8th grader Riya Singh-Marlboro). The play progressed to when the twister hits and transports Dorothy into the Colorful Magical World of Oz where she is welcomed by Glinda the good witch (8th grader Kolby Scire – Navesink) and the Munckins as well as the Wicked Witch (8th grader – Sydney Hixenbaugh-Hazlet). She is soon met by the Scarecrow (8th grader Griffin Cole – Atlantic Highlands), Tin Man (8th grader Seth Britton – Lincroft) and Lion (8th grader Baylor Rodman – Freehold) on their way to meet the Great Wizard of Oz (8th grader Alec Garbely-Freehold).

It was truly a wonderful and very imaginative performance by the entire cast and crew. Stage Crew Director, Mrs. Alexander; Set Designer, Ms. Lana Lafage; Costumes, Mrs. Terri Bordiuk, and Microphones proveded by Systmes Design Technology, LLC. helped put together a memorable afternoon and evening performaces for all of us to see.

It made us truly believe that “There is No Place Like Home” at Oak Hill Academy and all of our talented students and staff. Bravo!

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead – Glinda (Kolby Scire), Dorothy and Munchkins

If I only had a Brain – Griffin Cole (Grade 8)

Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My! – Baylor Rodman (Lion), Griffin Cole (Scarecrow), Seth Britton (Tin Man), Megan Scafaria (Dorothy)

Meeting the Great Oz! – Alec Garbely (Oz)

Who Killed the Witch of the East?! – Wicked Witch of the West (Sydney Hixenbaugh) & Glinda

There is No Place Like Home!

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