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October 26, 2023

Education on the Horizon

The education of our students is quickly evolving with the advent of the latest AI tools.  So, what may be the essence of education for our future?  Since the progress and well-being of our world depends so heavily on the education of our children, it is imperative that we take a serious look at what the demands of the future may be.  Even though there will be an abundance of tech available, it will still be necessary for people to communicate well.  Yet, I am confident that our children will benefit from the amazing AI assistants that are available to them and evolving each day.

            To use AI technology effectively, students will need to develop their writing skills, and in so doing, AI will help express students’ ideas and allow a clearer look into their imaginations.  Close reading and excellent writing will make AI valuable to all of us in every possible profession from tradesman to scientist.  Tech will only be as good as the humans who are at the controls.

            Even though our future generation will face struggles which may be hard for us to predict, being prepared with transferable skills such as analytical and creative thinking, collaboration, and resilience will always help us meet the challenges we face.  Human skills such as flexibility, motivation, curiosity, and decision making will continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

            However, in this very interconnected world, people will have to develop a sense of belonging with an understanding of people with very diverse backgrounds.  Along with empathy, we will need a society with superior listening skills and passionate leadership.

            Our children, with the use of AI, will need to be co-creators of the human experience and take ownership of their own education.  Active participation rather than being passive recipients will give them this ownership.  They will have to continue to ask deep what, how, when, and where questions as they develop a solid base using self-regulation, independence, self-assessment, along with solid, thought-out goal setting.

            Learning and thinking outside the box will be necessary to help develop curiosity. However, we will still need a great deal of base knowledge, from the humanities to science, to assist in making connections and bond relationships between academic areas.  Depth of understanding and thinking will continue to be paramount in our fast-moving world.  Along with this strong knowledge base, the use of AI will become a mainstay process.  However, we must remember that it will always be necessary for people to use their own intelligence and human perspective to be critical and check evidence in order to verify AI’s given possible conclusions. 

            The hope is that with all these assets, complex problems will become routine, pushing toward a better world.  It is obvious that this forward-thinking education will require deep understanding to go beneath the surface of concepts and issues.  It will also be essential to not just acquire and memorize a list of facts, but also encourage students to engage in higher order cognitive processes such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.  Debate must end with a shared solution to a well thought out problem with a possible method to succeed.  Decision making must include taking calculated guesses with plenty of room for error, reflection, and feedback.

            Our children must maintain an open mind, listen clearly, and possess a collaborative spirit in order to envision and facilitate an always improving society.  They are our future!

Oak Hill Academy is a NJ private school that is co-educational, independent, nonsectarian, and nonprofit for grades pre-kindergarten through eight. Oak Hill Academy is dedicated to a traditional, challenging, and caring learning environment that encourages comprehensive thought processes and deep understandings; thus promoting the wholesome intellectual, emotional, moral, and physical lifetime growth of our students. If you want to learn more about what makes Oak Hill Academy one of the best private school in NJ, visit us online at , or subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when we post more topics.


Article By Oak Hill Academy
Oak Hill Academy is a Monmouth County NJ private school that is co-educational, independent, nonsectarian, and nonprofit for grades per-kindergarten through eight.

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