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June 25, 2024

Oak Hill Academy Students Earn Top Honors in National Latin Exam

NJ Privates School National Latin Exam 2024
Gold medals and Summa Cum Laude Recipients

Over 100,000 students from all 50 states and 26 foreign countries (from Australia to Korea to Jordan to Kenya to Colombia to the United Kingdom) recently participated in the 2024 National Latin Exam.  Receiving highest honors and gold medals and summa cum laude certificates (answering 35-40 correct) for the eighth grade class were Aneel Pitchumoni, Dashiel Cassidy, Ajay Catania, Amir Waldman, Lucas Klein, Joseph Charabaty and Ian Stefko. Jack Pellegrini, Rebel Mondschein, Wutin Lei, Olivia Lopusznick, Sahaana Shah, Evalina Zerres, Tierney Keefe, Raina Marshall-Hooten, Theo Crawford-Phillips, Angelina De Bruijn, Andie Sparano, and Aldan Philipson received silver medals and maxima cum laude certificates for scoring 31-34 correct out of 40. OHA seventh grade students, Oleana Zerres, Grace Zheng, Ishaana Shah, Benjamin Leber, Jia Jain, Gianna Angioletti, Owen Sweeney and Michaela O’connor each earned a gold medal and summa cum laude certificates (answering 38-40) on the Introduction to Latin exam by scoring 38 to 40 correct. Receiving silver medals and maxima cum laude certificates (answering 34-37 correct) in the seventh grade were Shane Regan, James Badishkanian, Nicholas Mascarenhas, Leah Sweeney, Mia Cerefice, Edward Yu, Violet Pladek, Aurelia Pellegrini and Mayra Gupta. Overall Oak Hill Academy students secured 54 medals and certificates (Summa, Maxima, Magna, and Cum Laude) out of the 60 students who took the exam!

The National Latin Exam is offered under the joint sponsorship of the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League.  The ACL/NJCL National Latin Exam has been approved by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and placed on the Advisory List of National Contests and Activities.

Oak Hill Academy has participated in the exam and has consistently won awards for the last thirty-five years.  Much of the credit goes to Oak Hill Academy’s Latin teacher, Mrs. Lisa Coakley.

  • NJ Privates School National Latin Exam 2024


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