The Socrates curriculum will consist of five "blocks," each of which is designed to establish a framework of knowledge from which the student can explore his or her individual passions in greater depth. 


1. The Socrates Block

Subjects covered in this block include social studies, philosophy, literature/language arts, and history. With such programs as the Gates Foundation's Big History Project and the Great Books Program, the student will cultivate skills necessary to make evidence-based analysis of the impact and significance of the humanities. 

2. The Academic Block

Subjects covered here include science, mathematics, and foreign language.  An online teacher backed by an OHA mentor will guide the student through courses provided by the Laurel Springs School, Middlebury Interactive Languages, and Johns Hopkins University. 


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3.The Elective Block

To cater to personal interests, the student will take one elective per semester through Laurel Springs. Examples include Computer Science & Coding, World Religions, Fashion & Interior Design, Archaeology, Painting, Biotechnology, and Philosophy.  


4. The Exploration Block

With a Project-Based Learning model at its core, which organizes learning around a project to promote critical thinking and student autonomy, this block will have the student use prior knowledge from other blocks to embark on investigations of his or her choosing. The goal of these experiments and research is to think critically and address real world problems.

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5. The Flex Block

Here the student has the opportunity to step out of the traditional student role and experience personal development, physical well-being, and service to others. The student may choose to learn a new sport or assist in after school activities, like tutoring, drama, or yearbook.

The Socrates School will also use a unique assessment method known as the Mastery Transcript Consortium. An E-Portfolio will be maintained by the student, diving deeper than just traditional letter grades to include videos, writing samples, and records of activities in creating a more holistic account of the student's achievements. This portfolio will be particularly advantageous during the college admissions process, where colleges are increasingly looking for well-rounded and ambitious students. 

Finally, in addition to these five blocks, students will have the opportunity to partake in internships and apprenticeships with professionals in our local community. These could include financial institutions, hospitals, theaters like the Count Basie, service organizations, and news outlets.