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March 13, 2022

Oak Hill Math Team Wins the CBA Brother Christian Jones Middle School Math TournamentMath Contest!

Forty-nine years ago, Christian Brothers Academy began their Brother Christian Jones Middle School Math Tournament.  Although the format of the 2022 tournament has changed since its inception in 1973, the premise remains the same – to challenge the depth of students’ math knowledge through a variety of thought provoking questions.  This year’s tournament consisted of four preliminary rounds and one final tournament round.  Each of the preliminary rounds, taken within the participating schools, consisted of 10 multiple choice and one open-ended question all designed and corrected by the students on the CBA Math Team.  The team score was the sum of the top four students per school.

Oak Hill Academy, a private school in Lincroft New Jersey, had a lead going into the final round, but since the final round was worth 750 points and since the competition consisted of several local strong public and parochial schools, maintaining the lead was not certain.

On March 3, the Oak Hill Academy Math Team, consisting of Maya Bhasin, Harry Fan, Buddy Levy, Vincent Li, Kate Schweikert, Annabel Sparano, Brian Xu and Tylor Yang, convened to participate in this final exciting round. Unlike the first four preliminary rounds, which were all completed as individuals, this final round was completed as a team.

The first event consisted of 50 questions and the mathletes had ten minutes in which to answer as many questions as possible.

The second event was a logic puzzle and once again, the team had 10 minutes to design a strategy, complete the puzzle and submit their answers.

The third event was a 7×7 Sudoku type of puzzle with inequality signs interspersed throughout it.  The students had ten minutes in which to complete as much of the very challenging puzzle as possible.

After the events were graded, all schools were invited to watch the final virtual awards ceremony.  Oak Hill Academy came in first place in the entire competition.  There were 485 students competing in all four preliminary rounds.  8th grader, Annabel Sparano came in 4th place overall and 8th grader, Harry Fan came in first place out of all 485 competitors. 

Congratulations to the Oak Hill Math Team for their outstanding performance!

NJ Private School Math Team Wins Math Contest


Article By Oak Hill Academy
Oak Hill Academy is a Monmouth County NJ private school that is co-educational, independent, nonsectarian, and nonprofit for grades per-kindergarten through eight.

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