In order to have productive video conference / classroom (ZOOM, Google Meet, Webex, etc.), all students need to follow the rules below.
● Always sign in with your Google account ( email address)
● When an invitation is sent, it must be accepted. (email teacher separately with any issues)
● Students must join the meeting to receive credit for the day’s class.
● Students must dress appropriately, as if they were in school (no inappropriate tops, etc.).
● No inappropriate backgrounds/icons.
● Students must be seated at a desk/table with textbooks/paper/pens.
● One speaker talks at a time.
● The teacher reserves the right to mute/delete any inappropriate actions/speech and remove a student from the meeting.
● Information typed in the chat window will be relevant to the discussion.
● If a student has two breaches of this policy as determined by the teacher, he/she will be barred from
future discussions. In addition, that student will have a written assessment as a replacement for discussion points.
● Using technology to connect classes remotely is a privilege and should be treated as such.
● Oak Hill’s “Code of Respect” is expected in all interactions when conferencing.
● Any conferencing conducted between one teacher and one student will be recorded or attended by a parent

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