Oak Hill Academy has purchased technology that has been developed into the SWIVL Remote Learning Plan Option. It will be able to assist students who are unable to physically attend school due to most likely a medical situation (ex: child or family member has COVID-19 and has to quarantine, or there is a compromised immune system) or the parents are uncomfortable sending their child to school. The Swivl Remote Learning Plan is live streaming of your child’s schedule. When Oak Hill Academy is conducting in person classes, with teachers and students physically at our campus, students who are home may be able to access the class via a live stream Zoom meeting. The Swivl robot and iPad configuration will connect the audio and video of the teacher instruction to the Zoom meeting. Students off-site will join the Zoom meeting.

SWIVL Remote Learning option at NJ Private School

The following FAQ will answer some of the questions asked regarding this live-stream option:

  1. Is there an additional cost for the live-streaming option?
    No, since the enrolled student has a reserved seat, there is no extra cost.
  2. Is there a reduced tuition?
    No, see answer to #1.
  3. Can a student move in and out of the live-stream program?
    Yes, considering the uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis, we will be very flexible. However, movement in and out of the program must be carefully coordinated with the school. This plan cannot be used for convenience or as a vacation alternative.
  4. Are all classes offered?
    All of the student’s classes must be taken via live stream meetings since the student will be responsible for attendance, work, and grading just as if the student was physically in school. Initially, all core classes will be live streamed, with the specials eventually being added to the daily schedule.
  5. Can a family use the live-stream Zoom option if the student has a prolonged illness?
    If a student will be out of school for more than 4 consecutive days because of an illness or injury the option will be available.
  6. Will the school use a live-stream option if the entire school must return to remote learning?
    No, since our teachers will also be at home, we have a carefully designed remote schedule that will be implemented for all.
  7. What if the student has questions during a class?
    Since the student has the ability to actually participate during the class, questions and answers would be dealt with as normal.
  1. What about extra help?
    Teachers will be available during the class session, as well as during regular after school help sessions.
  2. Must the student follow all school regulations when using this option?
    Yes, as outlined in the student handbook. To clarify, this program is an alternative for families who would rather have a live streaming option.
  3. Is August 7, 2020 the deadline for signing up for this option?
    No, this is only a target date for families who know for sure that they want to have their child start school on Sept. 2nd at home and use the Swivl technology. This gives the school a running start for preparation. Families can opt in or out at any time during the school year. Please keep in mind that proper and grade appropriate execution will require coordination between home and school.
    We are extending this decision for parents until August 12th.
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