I just completed my review of our students’ final report cards, and I am highly impressed with the wonderful results. Our students adjusted well to remote learning and under the guidance of our caring teachers, they became independent thinkers. With the love, understanding, and support of our parents, they stayed on track and achieved wonderful results under needless to say unusual circumstances. Our teachers are really gifted
educators as they utilized technology and their skills to not only deliver instruction, but also support to our children during these difficult times. They listened to their students’ needs both educationally and emotionally as they weaved their lessons with care. I congratulate everyone for their ability to deal with ten weeks of uncertainty.

As we look ahead, we now have time to reflect and plan for the up and coming school year. On the instructional side, our teachers will be involved in a Professional Development program to help them use various kinds of technology to enhance their lessons.

Some of our expert faculty will be instructing their colleagues in the following categories using Zoom sessions.

  1. Diving Deep into Google Classroom
  2. Manage your Classroom and Help Students Manage Themselves using G Suite, Sycamore, and other digital tools
  3. Create Awesome Screencasts: Screencastify
  4. Zoom Video Conferencing
  5. Use iMovie to Create Movies
  6. Flipgrid across the Curriculum to Engage Students, Parents, and Showcase Work
  7. How to Create Powerful Students e-Portfolios with Google Sites
  8. Tap into the Power of G Suite Tools – Slide, Forms, Docs, Sheets

In order to be prepared for either in school instruction or remote learning, we will be instituting a program that we have named out “Flexible Instructional Plan” (FIP). This plan has our teachers carefully designing their curriculum considering both in school or remote scenarios. Details will include “Essential Questions”, “Power Standards”, “Institutional Presentation”, “Video Conferencing/ Instruction, Feedback, and Individual Support”.

Thanks to the expertise of OHA Parent, J.P. Pladek of ACA Computers, Oak Hill will be investing in a technology called Swivl which will give our families the option of giving our students at home the ability to access live video streaming following their regular schedule. This amazing equipment using Zoom will allow our children to view and participate with their classmates while at home. This device follows the teacher as they
conduct their lesson. Please click here to learn more about Swivl (link). More information, as well as a family’s interest/need in pursuing this educational option, will be addressed later this summer.

As of June 26th, Governor Murphy has released a 104 page reopening plan. We are very pleased to already be ahead of the curve in our planning and preparedness for reopening school in September. As we continue to develop our health, safety and instructional plans, I will keep everyone informed as details become more solidified.

Relax, enjoy and have a pleasant summer.

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