Oak Hill Academy
Returning to our Learning Community

The time has come for us to join together and to celebrate as we gather once
again to expand the learning horizons of our children. Under the guidance of our dedicated teachers they will continue to grow as they build both academic skills and socially accepted behavior. The Oak Hill community will come alive with our students’ passion to learn together as they share opinions and grow intellectually. Problems will be solved and new knowledge will be discovered. The foundation for meaningful
support will continue to help develop children who will care for each other and respect their feelings. Strong communication skills, working together, and creativity will all lead to our children’s growth in a safe and supportive space.

Welcome Home!

Oak Hill has established a re-entry administrative committee that is working diligently to develop a re-entry strategy that allows for flexibility, transparency, and prioritizes the health and safety of our community. While it is difficult to predict the ways in which our current health context might change in the future, one thing is constant – our steadfast commitment to the ongoing growth and learning of our students. We anticipate a full opening in September with a regular school schedule and calendar. We
restructured our physical plant to accommodate social distancing and student movement.

Included here is a tentative plan for us to move forward while still considering the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic. The following plan for the reopening of Oak Hill Academy in September follows state and CDC guidelines while considering the uniqueness of our school.

A. Daily arrival procedure – Drop-off will be at three locations:

  • Upper School Circle, Lower School Circle, Pacelli Center for Early Learning
  • Students will line up 6 feet apart and temperatures will be checked. Parents are required to take temperature at home prior to arrival at school. Students with a temperature above 100 will be isolated/monitored or sent home.

B. One way traffic patterns will be established during passage of classes.

C. Lunch periods

  • Upper school will have lunch for 30 minutes at the same time in four separate locations using social distancing.
  • Lower school will have lunch by class in the cafeteria using social distancing and deep cleaning between lunches.

D. Hygiene procedures will be reviewed with all students.

E. Students will have to bring personal items to school each day.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Pens, pencils, markers, etc.
  3. Masks

F. Classrooms have been set up using 6 ft. social distancing between students and/or plexiglass shields have been put in place.

G. All teachers and staff are required to wear face coverings.

H. In accordance with the state’s guidelines, students are required to wear face coverings when social distancing cannot be maintained.

I. No visitors except for first responders will be permitted in school buildings while students are present.

J. In the event that the state closes down schools because of a resurgence of
COVID-19, Oak Hill will be in a position to immediately implement its remote learning protocol. We made improvements in our remote learning plan, as a result of our spring experience and surveys submitted by both parents and teachers. Over the summer, all of our teachers have been involved in extensive professional development for delivering high quality instruction both live in-class or remotely.

K. Using Swivl Technology, families will have the option of receiving instruction remotely if they wish to do so. Students would follow and participate in live stream Zoom sessions for their core subjects. They would be responsible for attending all classes, following Goggle Classroom and Sycamore for assignments. Attendance is mandatory unless a parent calls the main office by 8:30 a.m. indicating an illness. Students would also have to adhere to all requirements listed under “Oak Hill Academy Preparing for Remote Learning” and complete the following form by August 7, 2020.

L. Check the Oak Hill Academy website for the State and CDC Guidelines.

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