Important Updates Concerning Return to School Protocol
July 2020

1) Face Coverings
The Restart Plan put forth by the NJ Governor’s Office and the Department of Education states:

“Students are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings and are required to do so when social distancing cannot be maintained, unless doing so would inhibit the student’s health. It is also necessary to acknowledge that enforcing the use of face coverings may be impractical for young children or individuals with disabilities…In a classroom setting where social distancing can take place (e.g. desks are 6 feet apart) or physical barriers are in place, face coverings can be removed while
students are seated at desks but should be worn when moving about the classroom.”

Oak Hill is required to follow the guidelines put forth by the state and CDC. We also recognize that this is an ever-evolving topic. The health and safety of our students and staff is always prioritized. Oak Hill is fortunate to have the space to provide social distancing within the classroom and a large outdoor area. This will allow us to provide opportunities to give students sufficient periods of time and breaks from wearing the face covering. We are consistently working on ways to execute these
requirements in an age-appropriate manner, as well as create gentle reminders to use with our students.

We are now asking for parents’ help so that students are ready for these changes come September. Further guidance regarding face coverings will be forthcoming. We ask that you please begin to create mask or face covering “endurance” with your children. Please purchase reusable/washable face coverings that your child is comfortable wearing and gradually build up the amount of time they can tolerate wearing them. The right fit is important, and pleated face coverings with elastic are likely to work best for children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, through their website healthychildren.org, puts forth these
recommendations to do with your child:

  • Look in the mirror with the face coverings on and talk about it
  • Put a cloth face covering on a favorite stuffed animal.
  • Decorate them so they are more personalized and fun.
  • Show your child pictures of other children wearing them.
  • Draw one on their favorite book character.
  • Practice wearing the face covering at home to help your child get used to it.

2) Water
Water fountains have been closed around campus and water bottle filling stations have been installed in key areas around the school. Please send your child to school with a refillable water bottle/container that has their first and last name clearly marked.

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