Chester J. Gorski Tennis & Basketball Complex

Chester J. Gorski Tennis & Basketball Complex
Chester J. Gorski Tennis & Basketball Complex

On Tuesday, May 24, 2016 the Oak Hill Academy community gathered together for the dedication of the Chester J. Gorski Tennis & Basketball Complex.

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The Oak Hill student body and faculty as well as numerous family and friends listened to Mr. Pacelli and Miss Murray as they gave a brief history of the tennis program as well as how the complex came to fruition through the generous donation and

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vision of the Gorski Family as well as other donors including Dr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Ellen Harris and the Golden Dome Foundation.

The three tennis courts were named in honor of Mrs. Josephine A. Pacelli, Dr. Robert & Mary Ellen Harris and Raaga R. Girgis (dedicated by Ihab & Lisa Girgis).

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Court Windscreens were donated by Jack Hazinski / The Racquet Shop along with Court Cabanas donated by Kristen & Alan DiBiasi and Tom & Julie McConnell with a courtside bench by Karen Cangialosi.

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Court Posts were dedicated to the Cieri Family, Griffith Family, Patrice Murray, Olson Family, Benjamin Peter & Family, and the Skelton Family. The Basketball Court was named for Dr. Robert & Mary Ellen Harris. Pavers along the Weisleder Walk were named for Dave DeMarco, Ferguson Family, Green Horizon Landscape, Incognito Family, McKeon Family, Brian F. Miller Family, Misson Family, Molzon Landscape Nursery, Mondschein Family, Peters Family, Sharpe Family, Sparano Family, James Wang Family and the Zerres Family.

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Thank you to those on the McCabe Honor Roll:


Larry B, LLC.; Messina, Burriss, Mimnaugh Wealth Mgt.; and The Stefko Family.


Attardi Family (Maura McGhee Attardi '91 & Billy Attardi '18; the Barone Family; Al & Marie Bevacqua, Cook's Tree Service; the Pampel Family; the Passarella Family; and Shannon Tormey '12.


The Birnkrant Family and the Kayser-Bermudez Family.

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