Oak Hill Mathleague team wins competition at Ranney!

Congratulations to the OHA 4-6th grade students who competed in the Mathleague Competition at Ranney on Wednesday, Oct. 21st.

Oak Hill Academy was the first place school!

The team of Elizabeth Wright, Aarya Doshi, Alexander Mitchell and Michael Gao came in 1st place, while the team of Molly Jain, Justin Weber, Maria Giannakopolous and Rahul Kavuru came in second place overall. In the fourth grade, Mitchell Oldham won the 2nd place individual trophy and Karan Patnaik came in 3rd place. In the 5th grade, Michael Gao was 1st, Audrey Yan was 6th, Robert Schweikert was 7th, Cadence Li was 9th, and Sarina Dhaliwal was 10th. Winning awards in the 6th grade were Alex Mitchell for 1st place, Aarya Doshi for 2nd place, Elizabeth Wright for 3rd place, Molly Jain for 4th place, Justin Weber for 5th place, Rahul Kavuru for 6th place, and Maria Giannakopoulos for 8th place.

Rounding out the strong Oak Hill team were Aditya Vyas, Samantha Kanesky, Caroline DiBiasi, Raina Bhattacharyya, Catherine Zhang, Demetra Giannakopoulos, and Alexey Stout. OakHillAcademy by far won the most awards and qualified 10 students for the state competition in the spring. Go OHA!