Technology provides a means to enrich the learning process for students at OakHillAcademy. Proper use of technology in the classroom does not replace the teacher, but rather adds to overall understanding for the student. Technology also provides tools and resources for the 21st century learner and better prepares students for their future.

Each classroom is equipped with a computer workstation that is connected to both an interactive Mimio Board that allows teachers and students to interact with, add to, and change the lesson presented as well as a large flat screen television for classroom display. Teachers can then routinely demonstrate their lessons, share an educational website, or highlight student work. Classroom sets of student laptops are readily available in both the Lower and Upper School for individual student work in any discipline. Document cameras also provide an easy means for the teacher to display books, manipulatives, student work, worksheets, etc. for the entire class to see. The Soler Science and Environmental Center houses digital microscopes that connect to the teacher’s laptop and interactive whiteboard. iPads are also currently in use by students in Grades PreK-8. For example, the PreKindergarten students use the iPads on a regular basis to reinforce their letter sounds, practice math concepts, and work on fine motor skills. Also, students in the Upper School use the iPads in their foreign language and research classes.

Students in grades 1-8 take a class in computer education at the school’s computer lab located in the Scire Student Activities Center. Classes are split in half so that students are in the smallest of settings in order to receive extra attention. Students in grades 5-8 also have a class entitled “Tech” or “Explorations” where proper research and presentation is the goal and technology is the vehicle to showcase learning. These classes are housed in the school’s Tech Center that features computers around the perimeter of the room and kidney shaped tables for group work.

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