Oak Hill Academy Students Shine at National Math Contest

Math League Nationals

Have you ever asked yourself a problem like this: “How many of the square numbers from 12, 22, 32…20152 have exactly 7 divisors?” Well if you were one of the students in grades four to six that competed in the National Mathleague.org competition, this is just one of the many problems that you would have faced.

Approximately 250 students nationwide traveled to the University of Houston in Texas on Saturday, January 6, 2015 to compete. These students qualified for this elite contest by their stellar performances in both the regional and state rounds of competition. These children represent the best of the best when it comes to math problem solving.

Oak Hill Academy had 11 students qualify for Nationals and 9 who attended. Oak Hill fourth grader, Thibaut Fabricant, received a trophy for coming in 6th place in the fourth grade. He had the distinction of having the highest overall score for any individual participant from New Jersey. Oak Hill Academy’s team of Michael Gao, Aarya Doshi, Alexander Mitchell, and Sydney Yan came in 15th place overall and was the highest ranking team from any New Jersey school. The other students representing Oak Hill were Brandon Klatsky, Grant D’Orsi, Elizabeth Wright, and Jessica Yatvitskiy.

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At the awards banquet on Saturday evening, the Oak Hill group was also recognized for their attitude and sportsmanship during the post-contest scavenger hunt.

It was a great opportunity for all who attended to challenge themselves, meet children with similar interests from other areas of the country, and cheer for each other.

By the way, there are only 5 square numbers less than 20152 that have exactly 7 divisors!

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