Oak Hill Model UN Team is the BEST Delegation

Congratulations to the Mrs. Matson, Mrs. Vacca and the Model UN Team for Winning the Best Delegation Award at the CBA Model United Nations competition on Friday, November 20.

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The team also brought home many individual honors:

  • Sydney Yan (7th) - Honorable mention for Joint Korean Crisis

  • Thomas Wang (8th) - Best Delegate for Histroic Security Council

  • Ekta Kuruganti (7th) - Honorable mention for UN Development

  • Julia Shaffer (7th) - Outstanding Delegate for UN Development

  • Maria Giannakopoulos (6th) - Honorable mention for World Health Organization

  • Charlotte Walsh (7th) - Outstanding Delegate for Disarmament and International Security.

  • Jake Fradkin (8th) - Best Delegate for World Health Organization & MOST Outstanding Position Paper

Private School New Jersey