Littletown Day 2016

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Oak Hill Academy’s Lower School (Grades K-4) was recreated for a day to resemble the wonderful South American country of Brazil.  Throughout the day, children shared all that they have been learning about the culture, food, and activities that make up Brazil.  

Mrs. Linda Vacca is the Heads-On / Hands-On (Ho-Ho) teacher that is in charge of putting together Littletown Day along with all of her classes.  The children were in charge of every part of life in Littletown from operating the “Toucan Treasury” Bank to running concessions at the “The Cocoa Bean Corner” and “Brazilian Bistro.” Oak Hill’s very own students provided musical entertainment at the “Monkey Music Hangout.” Mail was delivered by the “Parrot Post Office” down the “Amazon River” with kindergarteners providing river raft tours. Students were able to spend their “tinybucks” at the “Butterfly Book Store” or the “Tree Top Toy Store.” For recreation residents of Littletown got to head out to the “Green Anaconda Gym” for some soccer fun and inflatable rides.

Littletown Mayor, Headmaster Joseph Pacelli, was the town’s special guest. Mayor Pacelli proclaimed Littletown Day to big a huge success and a dynamic learning experience for the students.

Student Quote

"I am thankful every day for my years at Oak Hill! There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't learn something new. Being in an environment with such caring and enthusiastic teachers has fostered my love for learning and given me the confidence to excel."
Cassie Jain, Class of 2011

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