Spring Celebration in First Grade

Spring Celebration

Today, First Grade was visited by Mrs. Griffith (Henry's mom), her mother, and Henry's babysitter, as well as, Mrs. Assa (Julien's mom) to teach us about Nowruz.
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Nowruz is a Persian New Year tradition which is celebrated on the first day of Spring. Students learned how to write different names in Farcy, and were surprised to see that this language is written from right to left. Students also learned about the Haft-Seen which is a table set with seven items that all begin with S. These items promote health, peace, and prosperity in the coming year.
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Students enjoyed a small feast including rice, fruit, and vegetables. Students were also given a two dollar bill, flowers, and a small goodie bag as a part of the celebration. We are so thankful to these families for sharing this tradition with our classes today!

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Student Quote

"The academic environment is top notch, but we feel even more important are the "intangibles" that they are coming away with. Kindness, respect, confidence, honesty and tolerance. These are what truly matter. We are all so thankful for this Oak Hill experience. Imagine if every child had this educational experience, what a world it would be."
Brian & Erin Peduto, OHA Parents

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