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#11 - NAIS Graduates are Prepared

NAIS Graduates are Prepared

The National Association of Independent schools across the United States are preparing their students more than ever for college and beyond.  The statistics are in and they are staggering. Best Private School Monmouth County

          Oak Hill Academy in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is one of those independent schools and continues to be educating high achievers who are well prepared for all aspects of their future schooling as well as ready for the society that they’ll be joining.

          Nearly 100% of the graduates of NAIS schools go on to college ranging in majors from journalism to nuclear physics.  They come out of school with SAT scores on average 293 points higher than other students.  They also enjoy being challenged academically with 76% of NAIS students stating that their schoolwork makes them curious to learn more and 74% enjoying tasks that require a lot of mental effort.  These grads are over three times more likely to attend top-ranked universities than graduates of other high schools.  The foundation for this success is built in the strong academic atmosphere found in independent elementary and middle schools.   Here children are presented with the skills to be better readers, writers, mathematicians, and just outright thinkers.  These children also develop a sense of social responsibility as they perform community service.  As they move on to high school they tend to be more capable of asking good questions, formulating logical arguments, and communicating well thought-out ideas.  They use their knowledge and skills to be leaders and to collaborate with their peers. Best Private School Monmouth County

          It has also been found that 29% of NAIS grads were extremely active in key extracurricular activities compared to 19% of public school graduates and nearly 45% held leadership positions in a club/organization.  These roles helped them develop time-management and communication skills.  Participation in these extracurricular activities also show higher levels of well-being later in life.

          Byproducts of an independent school education also encompass a host of other factors.  Self-confidence and being able to take well thought-out risks lead these grads to careers which use their imaginations to seek innovation.  They tend to be deep thinkers who are able to take on challenges as well as to measure situations to make good decisions.

          Also, because of the broad exposure to varied curriculum, NAIS grads build curiosity and global awareness.  It is also found they can think on their feet, have a good amount of resilience, and possess very effective social skills.

          For parents who are committed to sending their children to NAIS schools, they realize that their financial investment will have far reaching consequences and will pay great future dividends when these students become adults who are fulfilled and successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.

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