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Blog #20 - What’s the BUZZ about BizTown 

What’s the BUZZ about BizTown!Monmouth County Private School

By, Linda Vacca

Financial Literacy- Oak Hill Academy has got that covered! Students

in grades 5th and 6th attended a hands-on workshop at Junior

Achievement BizTown in Edison, NJ. This was a culminating activity

after many months of preparation learning all about Finance. From

balancing checkbooks, to applying for jobs at their facility, to writing

ads for the newspaper and radio station, to pricing items, tracking

inventory, and acquiring loans for their businesses. Students at Oak

Hill Academy, the best of New Jersey independent schools puts “real

life” skills to work. Students learn all about the important role a CEO

and a CFO have in operating a business and assume these roles while

at BizTown. All students receive a direct deposit paycheck and then

another one later, and spend their hard earned money.

Students have learned the importance of saving and also making

monetary donations to a worthy organization, along with keeping

track of their expenses. The Best Monmouth county private school,

Oak Hill Academy provides opportunities like BizTown for our

students to be able to assume roles in a simulated environment in the

business world. Some students worked at a fast food restaurant,

others created digital designs, or operated banks, while others helped

in the medical field. We even had a City Hall and a mayor who

oversaw all the businesses. Working together while learning together

is why Oak Hill Academy is the Best Monmouth county private school!

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