Reimagining High School

Many high school programs today are not equipping students with 21st  century skills. Teenagers are disengaged by traditional instruction that requires rote memorization and results in only short term knowledge. The information they study usually has no application value. Rather, students today must be challenged with a curriculum that is both rigorous and meaningful. A personalized approach to learning allows for not only some choice in topics studied but also flexibility in when, how, and to what degree these topics are pursued. 


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This personalized approach is vital if high school students are to experience productive learning. Elliot Washor, a leading expert in education reform, describes the following conditions as central benefits of small, personalized high school work:

1. Relationships: Do my teachers care about my interests and me? Can I work with and learn from adults who share my interests?

2. Relevance: Do I find what the school is teaching to be relevant to my career interests? 3. Choice: Will I be able to choose what, when, and how I will learn?

4. Practice: Will I have an opportunity to engage in deep and sustained practice of those skills I wish to learn?

5. Play: Will I have opportunities to explore and make mistakes without being chastised for failing?

6. Authenticity: Will the learning and work I do be regarded as significant outside of schools?

7. Application: Will I have opportunities to apply what I am learning in real-world contexts?

8. Time: Will there be sufficient time for me to learn at my own pace?

9. Challenge: Do I feel sufficiently challenged in doing this learning and work?

10. Timing: Can I pursue my learning out of the standard sequence?


No other high school in this area can provide these benefits. Therefore, we have reimagined high school to give students the best opportunity to receive a meaningful education at the Socrates School.